Conversion booster search engine marketing

You can create one of the greatest websites in the world and fill it up with awesome content, but unless you drive people to your website, nobody is going to come and do business with you. Whether you are a multi billion dollar multinational or a local business, you need to spread the word around in order to generate traffic as well as qualified leads.

We don’t just build traffic for you, we build traffic that actually converts

There was a time when all you needed was a website and you were on your way to doing successful business online. This no longer remains the case. With zillions of websites trying to woo maximum numbers of visitors to their websites every microsecond, it becomes a formidable task to get high-conversion traffic to your business website.

Fortunately, search engines are no longer the sole providers of web traffic. Traffic on your website comes from various sources (including search engines) such as

  • Search engines
  • Social media and social networking websites
  • Online forums
  • External links on other websites and blogs
  • Mobile devices
  • Electronic newsletters

Your online marketing strategy vis-a-vis traffic building must incorporate all these channels in order to leverage the power of the Internet.

A total turnkey traffic building solution at a single point

At Viral Boom we provide customised, sustainable traffic-building solutions with maximum ROI. We use various channels at our disposal to create a traffic stream that sends targeted visitors to your website non-stop. In order to achieve this our traffic booster package offers you the following services:

  • Online and off-line search engine optimisation
  • Social media marketing and optimisation
  • Local and global search targeting and optimisation
  • Marketing via video channels
  • Lead generation

Let’s quickly go through individual services

Online and off-line search engine optimisation

Search engine traffic still remains one of the most potent sources of targeted visitors that can really have an impact on your bottom line. No traffic building strategy can exclude search engine optimisation. Higher rankings for your target keywords and key phrases depend upon online as well as off-line optimisation.

  1. Online SEO: This involves making your website as search engine friendly as possible by using optimised content, a network of interconnected links, keyword targeting, competitive analysis, source code optimisation and meta tags optimisation. We also use highly specialised analytics tools to monitor your traffic trends and steer the SEO efforts accordingly.
  2. Off-line SEO: This optimisation exercise involves networking with other websites to get you high value backlinks with your targeted keywords and such expressions as hyperlinks, article submissions, guest blogging, PPC advertising and banner programs.

Social media marketing and optimisation

Almost the entire civilised globe spends an ample amount of time on various social media and social networking websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr (just to name a few). That’s why the present form of economy is called conversation economy. The days of push marketing are gone. People these days pay more attention to engagement rather than being talked to. Precisely this is the reason why more than 95% of Fortune 500 companies have social media and social networking profiles with lots of time and money being spent on creating and maintaining a positive buzz. Our social media marketing and optimisation services include:

  1. Creating compelling social media profiles
  2. Scheduling and publishing engaging/timely content that encourages conversations and feedback
  3. Using cutting edge analytics tools to monitor the level of engagement and its effect on your bottom line
  4. Organising social media events to create and maintain buzz around your business and brand
  5. Creating interactive games and events that can be used on social networking websites like Facebook

Local and global search targeting and optimisation

Whether you are selling your products and services to your customers and clients at the opposite end of the globe or in your neighbourhood, as already mentioned above, you need to make people know that you are open for business. Recognising the criticality of local search, major search engines like have dedicated local search features that enable their users to search for local products and service providers. That is why it is very crucial to increase your visibility locally and globally according to your business parameters. We can help you target local markets by

  1. Optimising your website for such combinations involving your city, locality or state
  2. Submitting the right information to Google maps and Google directions
  3. Submitting your listings to numerous regional and targeted directories and indexes
  4. Creating content for your website that is targeted towards your local market
  5. Creating social media presence catering to the local market supplemented with online and off-line promotional events

Marketing by video channels

Do you know that 2 billion videos are watched on the Internet every month?
Creating engaging and entertaining videos and publishing them on websites like YouTube and Vimeo (there are many more such websites) can be a great source of traffic provided you are targeting the right audience. One of the most famous media campaigns on the Internet is the “Will It Blend” campaign run by Blendtec — a company that creates a line of blenders. The campaign is known to have increased the company’s sales by more than 700%, and the figures are still rising.

At Viral Boom we can help you create a video marketing strategy that can increase your brand visibility across multiple channels. We will conceptualise, create, publish and promote your videos and create brand channels for all major media platforms for your business.

Lead generation

Businesses are ready to pay through their noses for qualified leads. After fully understanding your business model and the aspirations of your target audience we create fully customised lead generation campaigns for your business. We can either create dedicated lead generation campaigns for your business or use an assortment of services presented above to send high-value leads your way with exceptional conversion rate.

Traffic building involves a slew of activities and media targeting approaches and for optimal result you have to create a balanced mix of different strategies. Please contact us for more information