We can help you create a formidable online presence

Internet marketing without a credible online presence is tantamount to running a highly expensive advertising campaign without having a real business. This is why in the kitty of our Internet marketing packages, we like to call this the “Ultimate Website Essence”.
Before we get people to your website, you must have a website with an optimal conversion rate.

Whether you already have a website or you are contemplating having one, cutting edge tools, exceptional design concepts and the most contemporary resources need to be used to create a supercharged web presence that can attract traffic from myriad sources and then get people hooked on to your great offer. An ideal combination of design, layout, content and SEO can turn any non-performing website into a profit-churning phenomena.

Nothing promotes your business like your website

Whatever you do on the Internet, ultimately everything boils down to how people react once they are on your website. That is why, every Internet marketing campaign begins and ends with your website. Surprisingly, very few people understand the overwhelming importance of the website dynamics.

Even the slightest of oversights can make a difference of total success and total failure. Remember that, it just takes a couple of misplaced links or visual elements to send your visitors (prospective customers and clients) to your competitors’ websites. If you’re wondering why your website isn’tin making enough sales, it’s high time you had a professional team have a second look at your website.

Why let Viral Boom design and redesign your website

Fundamentally we are the Internet marketing guys and consequently, we view everything from that angle. So aside from totally understanding the importance of a cool-looking website using all modern design concepts, our primary concern is figuring out how to optimise the profit-making potential of your website.

By the end of the day, what matters is how many people visit your website, how many of them could have been your customers and clients, and how many of them actually turned into your paying customers and clients.

This gives us an unassailable advantage as your web designers. When you work with us, you already have a lead because your website is being designed in such a manner that it is ready to attract qualified traffic and start doing business from the word go.

When you partner with us, you don’t have to worry about whether your website is search engine optimised or not, or whether your content has higher conversion rate are not, or whether people on your website are being directed into a well-defined sales funnel or not.

Normally people start first with a website and then start thinking about how to get targeted traffic and improve conversion rate. This approach can cost you dearly and waste lots of your precious time.

As Internet marketing specialists, we look at it from the other angle. We figure out first, what sort of traffic you should have and what sort of architecture should work for you, and then we design and redesign your website accordingly.

In order to get you a killer website we

  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your existing website layout
  • Conduct a content analysis to gauge its effectiveness (your content is your primary communication tool once people are on your website)
  • Conduct a keyword analysis to prepare a roadmap for a high-performance search engine optimisation strategy
  • Conduct design and usability analysis to find out how people behave on your website

Once we have all these results, we come up with a multitude of solutions to provide you one of the most comprehensive online branding options you can avail on the Internet.

Our primary services in Phase 1 include

  • Website design and redesign
  • Visual/graphic branding
  • Content updation
  • On-site search engine optimisation
  • Sales funnel streamlining

Please contact us today for a no-obligation FREE analysis of your current website or to get a totally tailored quote. Our friendly representatives will provide you all the information you need.