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  • Branding

    Total streamlining of your online presence including web design, custom brand videos, on-site optimisation, Copywriting and much more. We don’t build websites, we build lead generating machines.

  • Conversion

    Traffic building campaigns using multiple channels including off-site optimisation, social media marketing, video marketing, online advertising campaigns, e-mail marketing and more.

  • Mobile Marketing

    This phase includes SMS broadcast, SMS coupons, Mobile SEO, Mobile Web Design, QR code Marketing and more.



    Sizzling hot Internet marketing and web design services served right out of the oven

    Having a website without a well-defined and well placed Internet marketing strategy is like setting up a business at a place you cannot find a human soul at least for a few kilometers/miles, literally. Nobody knows you on the Internet unless you make yourself known and this process can be pretty expensive and time-consuming unless you have the required know-how and the right tools. Even if your business depends on local market (suppose you are running a food joint, a grocery shop, a pet shop or even a real estate agency, to name just a few among millions of businesses) in an urban or semiurban area you will be surprised to know that more than 90% people log on to the Internet to find you or your services.


    About Viral Boom

    all_skill“Along with our innovative, creative approach to developing Internet marketing strategies, we at Viral Boom pride ourselves on the level of service that we provide to our clients. We remain in close contact with the companies that we serve, providing progress reports and explaining the next steps in the strategizing and implementation process. Our Internet marketing consultants serve as the direct points of contact for all of our clients, meaning that there’s no need to keep track of the names and numbers of individuals in our technical department.”
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    Why your Online Presence Needs Internet...

    Internet marketing basically means reaching the right audience as well as helping the right audience reach you. This is easier said than done especially when millions of web pages, websites and blogs are vying for attention on the Internet at a particular second. Aside from your competitors, there are many factors that prevent people from […]

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